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Window films

Solar films
Self adhesive films for applications on flat windows, polycarbonate skylights and PMMA sheets. The reflection of the infrared spectrum from sunlight reduces the interior warming up.

Permasun | indoor application
Consists of a metallized film coated with a clear solvent based acrylic adhesive with a very high adhesion and durability. The film and adhesive are UV stabilized. Carries a 8 years warranty when professionally applied. Ask for the conditions.

Protecsun | outdoor application
A film of a PU/PVC complex and protected by a casting sheet which can be removed before o rafter the application. Protecsun is coated with a very cohesive and extremely durable, solvent based pure acrylic adhesive. Carries a 4 years warranty when professionally applied. Ask for the conditions.

Benefits :
- Dramatically limits solar gain
- reduces interior heat
- generates energy and cost savings
- higher comfort for the building occupants
- reduces glare for a better indoor visibility (computer monitors and TV)
- colors will stay brighter longer. Solar films protect these items from deterioration.
- block damaging rays to protect furnishings, draperies, wallpapers and artwork.

Typical applications :
- office buildings and factory-buildings
- hotels and restaurants
- overhead walkways
- garden rooms and verandas
- swimming pool enclosures
- musea
- airports and railway stations
- atriums
- schools and hospitals
- skyligths






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